Importing from Final Draft

I’m trying to import a stage play from From Final Draft using the .fcf format. I poked around on the forum and found this:

  • You will be able to import scripts in .fcf format. When you import such a file, Scrivener will ask you which Scrivener script format you would like to convert it to, and ask you to match up the elements if they don’t match already (e.g. FCF Scene Heading to Scrivener Scene Heading - just in case the internal numbers don’t match). Normally you will just hit enter at this point and won’t have to worry about that unless you have a custom script format. Then Scrivener will convert the file to match the script format you chose so that all the elements will be recognised in Scrivener, too.

…But when I try to import, it’s importing in one big chunk. It does recognize styles but it’s not breaking up the document into scenes. Do I have to do that manually? Also, if I’m importing a stage play rather than a screenplay, is there anything different that I need to do in order to preserve proper formatting in Scrivener?



Yes, you will have to break it up, I’m afraid - it all comes in as one document. There shouldn’t be anything special you need to do with stage plays, although I haven’t tested as much with that format, I admit - the FCF format is really geared towards basic screenplays.

When Final Draft 8 comes out, things will be much better in this regard. Scrivener will support the standard Final Draft 8 file format and will be able to maintain all formatting. On top of that, when Scrivener 2.0 comes out, that will have an Import & Split function that will be able to split a script into scenes automatically. Until then, though, I’m afraid, the only way to do it is by hand using Document > Split…

All the best,

Thanks Keith! Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything…