Importing from Freemind

Is it possible in the Windows version to import an outline from Freemind into the Scrivener outliner? I’ve seen some videos on it, but I can’t get it to work in Windows.

Not yet; that requires OPML import which isn’t yet implemented. Right now the only option is OPML export, so you can get stuff into Freemind for analysis.


Dear Amber.
I appologise, but I have the latest version of L&L for windows and I could not find an option to export the outline to OPML. Could you please indicate how this is done. Also, I am keenly anticipating the OPML import into the windows version so that I can import my old omnioutliner files as I have switched to a windows machined.

Select MultiMarkdown -> OPML as your compile format. Don’t worry, you needn’t be using MultiMarkdown to take advantage of this. When doing so you’ll want to make sure you have titles turned on for all of your elements in the Formatting pane. Titles = headers in an outline. It might be best to start with one of the outline based presets and then go from there, adding Text checkboxes if you want your outline headers to have a Notes field attached (I think Freemind supports OPML+Notes).