Importing from Gmail

Although I now have this gorgeous MacBook Air to run Scivener, I still maintain Win XP systems for most of my apps, including email on MS Outlook. When I have email correspondence in Outlook that I want to copy into Scrivener—say, client/editor requests that need to be incorporated into my writing project—I forward the email to my GMail account, which I have set to be Web-based only, rather than have it pull into my Outlook. Then I pull the mail up in GMail.

What I want to know is how best to get the contents of that email, including headers, time and date received, etc., into the Research section of a Scrivener Binder. I searched the forums and found an old thread on email import. Has this since been added as a feature? If not, I’d welcome suggestions on how best to pull that content over from a GMail window. Perhaps importing it as a Web page?

I use Gmail’s Print function for this. The Print function gives you a nice clean view of the message (with headers), which you can then either copy and paste or print to a PDF and import that way.

You could also forward from the Gmail account (or from the Outlook account) to Apple’s Mail program on the MBA, and go from there.

How often do you need to do this? A solution that works fine for one or two emails every few weeks would quickly become tedious for three dozen messages a day.

You might also have a look at DevonThink Personal/Pro/Pro Office. Like Scrivener, it’s Mac only, and like Scrivener it helps justify the switch all by itself. DT Pro is my tool of choice for large reference libraries.


Thanks, Katherine. I am curious about DevonThink. I think it would be a good tool for the way I work, but it’ll have to wait. I have my plate full at the moment, getting up to speed with Scrivener and Mac. I do have to say it was hard going back to work on my PC this morning, having been spoilt over the past two days by the beauty of the Mac GUI. Kind of like coming home again after having spent a week at The Ritz. :wink:

As for the emails, I have a small batch of them to bring over initially, mostly communications regarding the deliverables for this project. After that, hopefully not many. I’ll use the PDF approach, since I don’t want to wrestle with the learning curve on yet another MacApp just yet.