Importing from html, doc, or rtf

Hi. I’m running Scrivener on Bodhi Linux (ubuntu 12.04-based distro with Enlightenment 17 desktop) and whenever I try to import some of my other wips, I get an automatic crash with no error message. If I’ve tried to import an html file, when I reopen Scriv, I see a page in the Research area, but it’s blank.

I want to import my old stuff into scrivener, but I can’t seem to do so. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for any help you can wing my way. So far I find it very comfortable to work in Scrivener and appreciate the opensource option. I also bought the Windows version and am using that on a windows machine. Any help is appreciated.

Yeah, I was getting this, too.

Thing is, *.doc should be working. Importing rtf works for me, and I can load web pages. (Linux native version has some other issues with adding files…) So yeah, not just you. :frowning: