Importing from LaTeX to Scrivener

I have a stage play I am trying to import from LaTeX to Scrivener. I was hoping I could use find and replace to go from, say \character{} to Character in Scriptwriting Mode. But I don’t seem to be able to use replace to add formatting. Is there a better way to do this than go from the LaTeX to plain text then do the formatting one line at a time?

Scrivener can import screenplays written in Fountain format (basically markdown for screenplays) – all the screenplay elements are converted automatically to Scrivener’s elements.

If there’s a way of converting your latex file automatically to Fountain, then that may be your easiest bet.

If not, then at least you could do the conversion to fountain format yourself with regex – will take a bit of doing, but probably more fun than going through line by line in Scrivener, even if you have to do some hand-editing afterwards.

Awesome. Is “Plain text formatted screenplay” fountain format? Looks like I have some editing to do. I think I can write code to output to fountain. Thank you!

Yes, that’s it.

There’s a section in the manual giving details but it’s not a complicated process once you’ve got the text into Fountain format.