Importing from Mac to IOS version

Hi there,
So I have the original Scrivener on my Mac and around 8 or 9 years I learnt a bit about what it could do and brought over a lot of research and accompanying information into a new project. As can often be the case, that project has just sat there ever since but now I am looking to reinitiate it.

These days I am doing most of my work on my iPad Pro and so was wondering whether should I purchase the IOS version, there’s some sort of easy way for me to transfer over my dormant Mac project?



Make sure your project has been opened in Mac Scrivener 2.8.1 or newer at least once, to update it to the iOS compatible project format.

Then either set up a Dropbox account to sync back and forth, or just use iTunes sharing. … g-with-ios


Thank you. I’ve opened it on my Mac and updated it to this version and happily didn’t need to upgrade to do it. One further question: since I last updated my old project I have made loads of notes and references in Evernote. Does Scrivener iOS support split screen so I can have both these applications over to bring across this information into my project?



Yes. I use iOS Scrivener in a split screen constantly.

If you have a lot of notes, though, you might also look at using Evernote’s export tools to pull them out in bulk, then import into Scrivener via the desktop version.


Thanks. I’ll take the plunge with the iOS version now.