Importing from MS Word - highlighted text

I use a lot of highlighting in my MS Word documents. In one Ms Word file that I imported to Scrivener (novel template), the highlighting transferred just fine. In a Word file import to a different Scrivener project, the highlighting disappeared. Also, some random bits of text imported with the lettering in yellow (instead of black). I tried importing it to a blank template, and to a novel template, but no difference.


Hey Erika,

Great question!

Usually, when something like this happens, it’s because Scrivener had an issue translating the word document because of an issue with the document itself. I’d like to take a closer look at the file. Will you please send me a copy? You can send it to me at

Happy writing!

Thanks, Oliver… would an excerpt work? The file has a lot of personal information.

Erika, have you tried saving/exporting from Word to RTF and importing that into Scrivener?


Yeah, an excerpt will be fine; however, I agree with xiamenese. You should try saving/exporting from Word to RTF and then attempt importing that into Scrivener and see if that fixes your issue.