Importing from MS Word trouble

Hello, I am new to Scrivener, but excited to learn and use it. I have several manuscripts in various stages of completion, and am attempting to import one of them. It comes into Scrivener, but is one long file. the TOC is there in text but not formatted, there are no chapter breaks, etc. I have been reading on this forum and just don’t understand how to get my manuscripts into Scrivener as they are in MS Word.

I sure don’t want to start over, or even spend time re-formatting everything. Any help is sure appreciated!

I am using the latest download
My work is in Microsoft Word 2010 so the extension is .docx

Step 17 of the tutorial has some tips for chopping up documents and turning them into something more suitable for working within in Scrivener.

Link to a QUICK easy video tutorial.Originally written for MAC, but works in windows Scrivener
I put a hash mark (#) by each chapter in my original word doc, then saved it as another name. Imported THAT. It actually takes LESS than two minutes.
All chapters came in its own section

Importing Word into Scrivener in under two minutes
The quick way to get a Word document into Scrivener, formatted automatically into separate Scrivener scenes

Thanks Marta. I couldn’t get that to work at all. Nothing would import. It starts, but quits and nothing is there. (using the import and split choice). I have tried everything I can think of, to no avail. I put # just before each chapter, then in between, then after, grrrr.

There’s a bug we’ve found in the 1.7.1 release that’s causing this. We’re putting together a fix and will have an updated version out soon to resolve this. Apologies for the inconvenience!

In the meanwhile, you can still use either of the regular Documents > Split commands to manually break the document. If you have the # marker in place in the imported document, you can skip through pretty quickly using the Find dialog (Ctrl+F) to search for the marker, Ctrl+K to split, then F3 to go to the next instance of the # divider.

Same problem too. I can’t wait for the fix. Anyway your help and fixing the problem are very much appreciated. :smiley:

For information, I’m a newby too (yesterday evening):

  1. The tutorial that comes with the package is very helpful and certainly worth spending time on. The examples are good.
  2. Importing MS Word. Didn’t work for me (complicated doc), so I simply converted to rtf (File -> Save As -> Save as type: -> Rich Text Format (.rtf) and worked like a dream
    Good luck :slight_smile: