Importing from NoteBook

Greetings Gentlefolk!
I’ve been browsing the T&T&FAQs, particularly those concerned with importing from Tinderbox. I don’t use Tinderbox, probably because I discovered NoteBook from Circus Ponies Software and never thought to look further. But now I am wondering - I’ve been using NoteBook as my primary repository; notes, jottings, clippings, idle musings, it manages my haphazard ‘bucket’ approach beautifully. I transfer items that I feel merit further development to Scrivener, and would like to find a import method that maintains outline levels. At the moment, all I do is copy and paste - hardly an elegant solution. Can anyone assist?

Currently, there are two import mechanisms which respect hierarchy. The first is extremely basic: Copy the position of files in the Finder. If you have a folder called “Book” with ten “Chapter #” folders inside, and a bunch of RTF files inside them, Scrivener will recreate that structure in the Binder, using files and folder types appropriately.

The second method uses Markdown headers to recreate hierarchy. The trick there is that if you have any styling you want to retain, you will not want to use this format because it is a plain text system. Depth with this method is outlined as headers with a number of ‘#’ marks preceding the title, according to its depth. A top level header would have one hash, a section below that a double hash, and so forth:[code]# Chapter 1

Section A[/code]

Which method is easiest for you to use depends on Notebook’s export capabilities.

Thanks AmberV.