Importing from Open Office

Just started the 30-day trial but 99% certain I will cough up the money.

I have been a long-term user of Open Office, currently on v3.3.0.

Went to import a draft manuscript and noted that first had to output that from Open Office odt file format to Word doc format. Then imported that Word doc file and found that once it had been converted by Scrivener, the line endings were all screwed up. To put that more elegantly, some of the lines were properly full page width, some were half-page (or thereabouts) width.

Nothing under Format, Text within Scrivener seemed to indicate what was happening.

Your advice welcomed - I have loads of text files under Open Office!

Just a footnote.

After posting the query, I tried exporting the Open Office file as a rtf, then importing that to Scrivener. That worked a charm, so at least I have a workaround.