Importing from Pages

This may have been asked and answered elsewhere, but I can import Word docs but not Pages docs. Is there a work-around other than cutting and pasting? Do the developers intend to add this functionality? Thanks.

If you do a search on the forums you will find extensive discussion of Word / Pages / Nisus / Mellel import and export from Scrivener. Much depends on the complexity of your document (tables, styles, etc.). So for long answers, do the search; for the short: export as RTF or Word format from Pages and import into Scrivener.



Yes, this has been asked a good number of times. This is a peeve of mine actually - not being asked, I mean, but rather the fact that I am unable to provide support for Pages import. As I’ve mentioned before, the problem lies not with Scrivener but with Apple. Bizarrely, Apple provide their standard text engine (which Scrivener uses, as do most OS X text apps) with built-in ways of importing .doc files, .docx files, .rtf, .rtfd, .pdf, .odt and lots more formats besides. But guess what? They do not provide a built-in way of importing Pages documents!

Moreover the Pages format is proprietary (i.e. private to Apple). It is an XML and .zip-based format, and they have the main specifications on their website, but they make it clear there that developers should not depend on the information provided in the specs doc for developing Pages importers and exporters. In other words, they have made it very difficult for third party applications to support the Pages format, whilst making it easy for third party applications to support their main competitor… Go figure.

You can export from Pages as RTF and import into Scrivener that way. Or you can copy and paste (you can even copy the text in Pages and drag it straight into scrivener’s binder - Scrivener will create a document to hold the text automatically).


I appreciate the explanation. I was monkeying around with DT Pro and saw they can’t seem to do it either, obviously for the same reasons.