Importing from Word - Auto Split on Chapters?


I am just now trying out Scrivener and I want to import my Omnibus into it. The omnibus has between 350 and 400 sections that I would like to break it up into. Then end goal is to use the compile features to build MOBI,EPUB,PDF,etc from it.

I know I can hit COMMAND-K to split a file, and I know I can highlight a chapter name, and right click to split and use that chapter name as a title. What I want to be able to do is have the file split on import (or even after) in some automated fashion. I use the Header 1 style in Word, so it could easily key off that.

Is there a way to do this? Thanks!

There isn’t any form of split by formatting, however you can automatically split by a string match. The File/Import/Import & Split... menu command is what you’re looking for. If each of your chapters is preceded by a predictable string of text (like say, “Chapter”), then that should work pretty good for you. It may not produce a perfect result, but nothing a little Split and Merge here and there couldn’t clean up quickly.

Hmm the most of the chapters are something like

Chapter Twenty-One

If it could reliable break on that it it would get like 90% of the cases. Is it able to set the title based on what it matches?

Try it and find out. Importing is non-destructive; your original document will not in any way be affected by the process. The worst that can happen is you select all of the draft folder’s contents, send them to the trash, and try again if there’s an option you want to experiment with. If you do this, make sure to empty your project’s trash folder, as that will bloat your project quite a lot.

Just did… been staring at a beachball for a while…I think it hung. :frowning:

EDIT: It is cranking, burning up a complete CPU core all by itself. Going on like 20 mins now.

At 30 mins… I force quit it. So I guess that idea is out… :confused:

Well, that’s unusual. As an experiment (a long while ago), I imported and split the entire King James Bible, and that didn’t cause a hang. Of course, that was plain text, not a Word document.

Perhaps you could save smaller chunks of the original and import & split each of those?

It might be the Java converter that is slowing things down, if it is a doc/x file. Try converting it to RTF from Word, and then processing the RTF with Scrivener.

Although the Java converters can slow things down, they shouldn’t take that long, especially seeing as they only need to convert the one document for processing.

How long is the document?

Would it be possible to send it to us for testing?

Thanks and all the best,

The file is 688 MS Word pages, a bit under 400k words and around 2 million characters. It is a .doc file, not docx. The file is only around 7.3meg. So I do not think of it as huge.

The file does have inline images in it. Does that matter?

I just tried to import the file WITH OUT using the split, and got the same results. I have imported other docs with out issue, but this is the only one I have tried that contains inline JPGs.

My machine is a Macbook Pro 13 inch Retina with 2.5gh Duel Core i5, 8gb ram 256gb SSD.

The file is the complete text of one of my books that I am currently selling. I can email it directly to a Scrivener rep for testing if it will help.

Have you tried converting it to RTF yet using Word? I think that will resolve the problem. :slight_smile:

Another test (one that does not split the original automatically) is to open it in Word, Select All, Copy, then Paste into a Scrivener text. To split on this method, you could Copy chapter by chapter - though that would be tedious with 400 sections.

I also recall that Word once upon a time let you split docs up - something about converting to a master document? (My memory is fuzzy there.) If you can do this in Word, you could then import all the chapters, and the splitting would already be done.

luck - asotir

No, but the Java converter only runs for like 10 seconds or so during import. It opens, does its thing, then closes.

Would it be possible to send us the Word file for testing ( AT literatureandlatte DOT com)?

I just sent it. Thanks for looking into this. Its 7.3meg so hopefully your email will allow it. If not I can put it in a dropbox share for you.