Importing from Word, with formatting and paragraph numbering

I’m having a problem getting some text from Word in Scrivener. No matter what I do, something is off.

The Word doc is about 40 pages, consisting of notes from multiple chapters in a book. Every few pages, the paragraph numbering restarts at #1, which corresponds to a new chapter. (Note, the Word doc is not using formal Word “Sections.”)

  • When I do a direct copy and a normal paste from Word to Scriv, everything copies fine – but all of the paragraph numbering is lost; the paras have no numbering at all.

  • When I do a Paste and Match Style, the para numbers are copied, and the renumbering restarts correctly for each new chapter – but all the text formatting is lost (as expected with a style-match paste.)

  • When I import the docx file into Scriv (with OR without splitting it), the text formatting is preserved, and the para numbers are preserved – but the renumbering restarts at #1 at each point where a new Word page starts (ie, every 40 or so lines of text.)

What I’d like is to have the text, with formatting, and with para numbering that restarts only where it restarted in Word.

I am not very familiar with how para numbering works in Word (I didn’t create the original document), so I’ve been unable to figure out if there is some way I can massage the doc before trying bringing it into Scrivener.

Is there some way I can get this done? It seems like it should be a pretty simple thing to do, but I’m totally stuck.


I’ve figured this out… found the solution… should anyone ever have the same question. … ering.html

(I’d looked previously, but hadn’t found the magic query.)