Importing graphics for compiling

Hi All,

I’m hoping someone can help me with this problem. I am compiling my novel for epub. It’s all working fine. I have put in the cover, but I also have a map to add in. Currently it is inserted in my doc on a “text” page and can be compiled, however the image does not take a full page - it shrinks. Is there any way to insert the image in the same way as the cover image when I compile, so that it is optimised (?) ie takes the full page on various e-readers? I hope this makes sense.



I’m not aware of any way to do that specifically, covers are not treated like ordinary book illustrations. But there are some things you can do to make it look as good as possible on most devices. First thing is to always use the portrait orientation when the detail of the image is important. For maps, you want people to be able to read the labels and see the rivers, so tip the graphic sideways if necessary. The next thing to do is pick a size. The traditional “full screen” size to use has been around 800 x 600 pixels. That is about how big your average Kindle shaped e-reader’s screen is, and for traditional books I think it is likely that will remain for some time. The people pushing high-tech tablet devices want us all to be using print resolution graphics so they look good on their tablets, but this often means severely bloating the e-book. So that’s a judgement call based on the content of your book and where you will be selling it. That’s also the kind of decision you need to make for each image. For a map, I’d be willing to go a bit higher than normal. Then those readers using high-resolution screens can read it like a printed map, and those on smaller screens can potentially use the zoom function in the e-reader to scroll around on a larger version of the map.