Importing graphics in Scapple

Hello everyone,
I recently got known to this very cool mind-mapping software. It is amazing that I don’t have any boundaries of common mind-mapping programs, such as XMind, Freemind etc.
However, in the Quick Start Video, made with the OSX version of scapple, pictures and graphics were imported via drag and drop. It looks like, there is now drop in quality. Nevertheless, when I tried to import some images into my map, those look terrible. The resolution of the images is very high but when I drag and drop them into scapple it is crap. Looks like scapple is resizing them in some way.
Is this behaviour normal on Windows systems, or is it due to the fact that I use the trail version at the moment?

You can resize images yourself once you drag them in, just drag and drop from any edge. Images come in according to your default note size, regardless of their innate size—but this is only a display attribute. If you, as I say, drag the size out after import, you’ll see full resolution is intact.