Importing html file to edit and export as pdf

I tried to import an html into the draft folder but could not do so. It went into the research folder in stead. There is one image location in the html doc but the image is a separate file. So what am I doing wrong?? and how do you add images to books created with Scrivener??

The Draft folder can only contain text files, not media of any kind, including .HTML. Such files have to be imported into a location in the Research folder and worked on there. As for how you get such material, including images, into a compiled document . . . that will have to wait for someone who knows something about it. :blush:

I always thought html was a text file. It imported it into resourses and converted it to rtf but I could not do any editiing there. so I am at a lose. any help would be appreciated.

You could try converting it to text using

However, if you want it formatted, you could try HTML-RTF conversion (but I’m not sure how much of the formatting it would bring across).