Importing Hyperlinks?

Hi, I just got started using scrivener for writing short stories. An important part of that is linking to my previously published work, and I hoped that Scrivener would make it easier to piece together the front and back material.

Unfortunately, when I imported my blurbs documents, it seems to have stripped out all the hyperlinks, leaving just text. I have no problem inserting new ones by copy-pasting URL’s, but I REALLY don’t want to have to do that manually for all the different stories and sites again!

Is there anyway to import documents that leaves the hyperlinks intact? Thanks!

I don’t know what format your “blurbs documents” are (nor if there’s a blurb format or app somewhere), but if you talk about Word .doc or .docx files, the advice is:

Save them as RTF and import the RFT files into Scrivener. This way, existing links are preserved.

Thanks, that worked beautifully!

One last stupid question… is there a way to insert hyperlinks while editing in Scrivener? In particular, how can I attach a hyperlink for a specific URL to a selected word or phrase?


Select the text, then go to Edit > Link… to enter the hyperlink (you can drag in a url from your browser’s address bar as well as just typing or pasting the link). To remove a link, select the complete linked text and choose Edit > Unlink.

Thanks Jennifer, that answered my question too. :smiley:

Awesome! Thanks for the question and answer on the links! Worked for me as well. Would not have liked redoing all the links in my documents! Very grateful! T