importing image for cover

How do I add an image to my project so that I can use it as the book cover?

Disregard, I figured it out.

Create a folder in your project and import your images to them. I was trying to import them to them manuscript.

If the mac version is anything like the Windows one, you can just drag and drop it from your desktop right into the binder.

Hi pigfender,

You’re almost right. You need to import the image into the Research folder before you may use it. You can’t drag and drop. To do so, click File > Import > Files… and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Hope that helps,


You’re both right. :slight_smile: There are two ways to import things into Scrivener, you can use the menu command or you can drag and drop from your file manager into the Binder. So for the Mac you would use the Finder to locate the files you wish to import, and then drag them into the Binder, much like you would to move them around on your computer from one Finder window to another. Same on Windows, only with Explorer instead of course. You can’t on either platform, drag it straight into the compile pane for setting this up, so that might be what you meant about not being able to drag and drop.