Importing Images from the Web


I’ve just tried to import an image from a website to my research folder. It has failed, repeatedly, every way I’ve tried. I’ve tried dragging and dropping the image from my web browser, and using Add > Web Page, only to get a “URL Import Failed” error. I tried each method on the drop-down list under Add > Web Page, and none worked. The PDF import seemed as if it might be trying to work, but it only produced repeated Windows errors stating that an appropriate printer driver could not be found.

Is the only way to place an image in the research folder to save it to another location on my hard drive first? If so, does it get re-saved in the research folder, or is it only a link to the item on my hard drive? If I have to do this, I’d like to be able to delete the redundant images.

To import an image from a web page, yes, you usually need to copy it to your hard drive first. This isn’t always true (for example you can usually just drag a .png image from a page in Firefox or IE straight into Scrivener’s binder), but it works to catch things that drag and drop can’t handle. Importing the image into the project makes a copy of it inside the project’s folder, so you can delete the original. I usually just save images from webpages straight to the desktop so that I can drag them to the binder and then easily delete the original.

Thanks, I’m glad that at least it isn’t a problem only on my computer. :slight_smile: