Importing into Chapters?

When using “compile” to export an entire project, it all goes into one document. I’ve used this a couple of times to give material to someone to read on their pda, when they don’t want it to be in separate chapters.

Once I have it in Word I go through and do a final spell/grammar check, and often find things I want to change.

But there’s no way to import this back into Scrivener and have it break back into chapters, is there? I suppose I should have been writing down my changes so I could go back into Scrivener and put them in the original document, but I didn’t think to do that.

It’s best to use Scrivener as long as possible, and only export to a word processor when in the final stages of clean up and formatting.

To provide interim copies for a reader, you could do this:
Select all the parts of draft you want to share,
Click Edit Scrivenings,
Cut any extra spaces between the parts,
Copy (Cmd-C)
Open a word processor (like Bean)
Paste (Cmd-V)
Save the file in RTF or PDF
Mail to your reader.

Your Scrivener draft remains intact.
Any suggested revisions are easy to enter.

So I can highight multiple chapters, Command-C and they will all copy and paste?

What I do is just leave the Scrivener project open on the side while going over the final compiled copy (I don’t use Word, but that is irrelevant). I select Draft and create an Edit Scrivenings session, which will give me a view roughly like the final compile copy (fonts and such aside). Then it is easy to make edits and changes to the original while finding them in the “print ready” version. Once that process is complete, just quickly compile off another copy and repeat if necessary.

And yes, you can select the entire book from an Edit Scrivenings session like that and then paste it wherever you like.

For distribution of working copies, you might consider using Export instead of Compile. Select the appropriate files and Scrivener will create an RTF file (or whatever your chosen format may be) for each one. This can make it easier to integrate edits later on.

Thanks. I use export for single chapters but this was going to be multiple chapters so I thought it easier to compile. Next time I’ll know.

And I’ll also be more careful about those last-minute edits. This time I just started working in Word w/o thinking about it, and by the time I realized what I was doing I knew I’d never remember all the changes.

I have used word since 1.0 in 1984 on my first Mac. Hard to hate it as much as a lot of people do!