Importing into Draft Section

I am writing up my fieldwork in the Amazon working with indigenous peoples and I would like to have one of my chapters to be the handwritten journal notes I kept while living with the tribe. I scanned it as a pdf but having read forum comments I understand I cannot import it into the Draft section as a pdf. Is there a way for me to have a chapter in the Draft mode that would in effect be a graphic image of my handwritten field notes that could be something other than a pdf? I know I can import it into the Research Section but what I cannot figure out is how to export it from there to the Draft section so that I can view it in the context of the other draft chapters.

Thanks for any ideas,


You can copy and paste a JPG, PNG, or other image file into a document in the Draft section.

Note that you will probably want to give each page (or possibly two-page spread) of your journal its own image file. Scrivener won’t be able to handle splitting one giant image across multiple pages of your manuscript.

More information about images can be found in section 15.5 of the Scrivener manual.


Thanks Katherine, I will try your suggestion.