Importing into Scrivener and default text formatting

I have a Scapple board whose notes are colored a light grey because the board background is dark. When I import into Scrivener (by dragging from the window), the imported text is also light gray and hard to read. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? I’d prefer if the import just grabbed the text or applied the default style in Scrivener.

There isn’t, as typically note styling is something you would want to retain, like a red text note with some important notice. I suppose there would be a better argument for ignoring the default text colour, as that might more likely just be an aesthetic choice meant to compliment the background. I’ll see what Keith thinks about that.

For now though you can just load the imported notes in a Scrivenings session, select all text in the editor, and use the colour tool on the Format Bar to erase colour (the white square with a red line through it).