Importing issues

This may not be the tool, it may just be me. I had my original manuscript chapters in *.doc format, saved by OpenOffice. Using the import function completely mangled my formatting, indents went away, italics went away too I believe. So I tried a couple other things, importing from *.rtf format, and copying and pasting the text into a new file. Both actually worked much better, but I’m still having issues with indentation. If I am typing in the tool, the first line is indented over a few spaces, and looks fine. When I bring the text in through either of the above-mentioned methods, the first line is indented like this, but many (not all) others go about 1/3 of the way across the page. Likewise, if I tab over from the start of the line, it goes that far as well. It just looks odd, and then I have to go manually convert all of the normal-looking indents into these huge ones.

I also see no way in the tool to take a section or paragraph and “mass-indent” it (I don’t know what the real name for that is, but you can do it in MSWord…the button has a block of text and a right arrow).

Again, this is likely just me being clueless, but I don’t know…

Bureau 13-- I have no answer for you but have noticed the indenting thing as well. Seems like it must be MUCH simpler to BEGIN a document in Scrivener than it is to successfully import one. I am close to giving up-- way too much time spent already, that I could be writing. Ah, but this is not answering your question. Here’s hoping you get an answer!