importing jpgs question

Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this question. I’m not sure where this should go, exactly.

I am getting the ‘convert html to web archive’ dialog when importing jpgs or .mov files. Is this expected behavior? At first I canceled the process because I thought I was doing something wrong. And it seems wrong, since I’m not bringing in html but a graphics or audio/movie file all by itself.



That’s just the default import panel. It will appear no matter what you try to import. It’s not jus there to offer you web import choices, but also to remind you that, if you are importing text, some attributes may be lost.

Looking at it, I should probably move that text to the top and place an “Import options” header about the web options (I could grey them out, but don’t want to, because that would mean that Scrivener would have to check through all the files you are trying to import before even trying to import them).

Yeah, I guess if you made it more clear that it’s about anything you are importing and not just html or web material, that would be better. I see that now. But at first, it confused me.

I agree that you don’t need to have it grey out and check through the file types. Just more clarity in the wording for the import panel would do it, I think.