importing keywords etc. problem


I’m going a bit loopy with trying to import files from an old Scrivener Project to a new one. It keeps losing all my keywords etc. No matter if I back it up to Dropbox or my local disk there are no items in the Files folder (after the three folders: files, snapshots and settings). I can see the Scrivener Project file on Windows Explorer but it disappears when I try to go in Scrivener: file/import and then go to the same spot on my local disk. Similarly in Dropbox. Please help.


I’m not sure I’m following what you’re doing. If you’re just trying to import an existing Scrivener project into a new project, you don’t need to be digging into the project’s directory to find the Files folder, etc.; you should just use File > Import > Scrivener Project… and then select the [ProjectName].scriv folder in the file browser and click “Select Folder” to import the project. Is this not working for you, or are you trying to do something different with the project?

Thanks, yes what I was doing was looking at the files not the folder. Thanks for your help.