importing log or details

When importing a lot of information, like a bunch of folders from Dt, I occasionally get the dialog box telling me some things weren’t imported. But I see no way to find out what things didn’t get imported. This can be a problem when I am importing dozens of files at a time. I would think a log of some sort indicating which files didn’t get imported would be important.

Am I missing something or is this, indeed, something for the wish list?


I like the idea of a log. There have been times when I have done a bulk import and wondered which files did not make it. Sometimes it is obvious, other times it is not. Perhaps a list of failures in a scrolling list, in the same dialogue box that warns the user of errors?

Good request. I’ve had the same issue when importing from DT.

The ones that are not imported are the ones that are not supported. :slight_smile: SG had a log, but it makes the import process more complicated and was alwasy awkward. Maybe it will get implemented again in a better way in the future, but no time soon.

Well, when I’ve exported a large number of files (in subfolders, etc.), it’s pretty hard to look through each of them to see what might be the problem. Also, when I have done that, I can’t always identify the problem file. For instance, I had a folder full of webarchives and rtfs. Most of the web archives imported just fine but some didn’t. There were no other types of files included, so it isn’t always so easy to know what files aren’t going to be supported by Scr.

Anyway, a log or some such would be great. In the meantime, I’ll figure it out. I guess I’ll have to do imports a little bit at a time so I can double check what might not have been included. Will get a little time intensive, but I’ll live!