Importing manuscripts from Word to Scrivener

I am a new user of Scrivener. One of the reasons I got it is that I have two books that I wish to edit and ultimately combine into one. What is the best way to import them into Scrivener so I can easily work on them?

Not exactly what you asked… but I assume you could do this in Word. Open both, copy/paste the second into the end of the first…

As far as doing this in Scrivener… here’s my naive approach…

Assuming each book is in a single Word document, you can File > Import or File > Import > Import With Split them into a single Scrivener project, making sure they ultimately wind up in the draft/manuscript folder. If you Import, then you would probably have resulting single large doc that you would go into and split into multiple docs. If you first insert lines in the Word document where you want splits to happen (typically marked with empty lines beginning with #), and do a Import With Split, the splitting will occur automatically and you’ll wind up with the material in multiple smaller docs.

If each book is in multiple Word documents, then presumably Import or Import with Split and you’ll wind up with corresponding multiple docs that need to ultimately wind up in the the Scrivener draft/manuscript folder.

Others may have better ways to go about this. Search the manual (Help > Scrivener Manual), books/ebooks regarding Scrivener (available on Amazon), the knowledgebase and these forums on “import”, “split”, etc. to see what others’ experience and recommendations are.

Sounds like you are early enough in the process you can afford to experiment a bit. Try it several different ways and see what best suits you.

Hope that helps.