I am trying to bring my workflow process to take place within Scrivener and Scrivener only; to do that, I need to bring information from all over the place - mac, drives (to name a few) - however, i’m having problems with integrating metadata when I import folders from mac. I use my mac because it gives me more flexibility to automate anything in my workflow process, after which, I import everything in Scrivener. I implement complex hierarchical outlines and doing it manually would be a disaster. Ok, so here’s the dilemma; I want to import empty folders that are structured with many subfolders into Scrivener then convert them all to file folders; then I need to import the metadata (tags & comments) so I can use the custom metadata field to sort, categorize, etc. my project. Importing the folders along with the structure is not problematic however, it is not bringing in the metadata & comments (see attachments). I need someone to guide me (if it is even possible) on how to do this.

Thank You

Hi, welcome to Scrivener and its forums.

To be honest, I’ve not heard of it being possible to do what you want to do in Scrivener (being a writing application, rather than a document manager or database). You can import certain kinds of files in text or outline format into a Scrivener Projects Draft folder (for writing), you can import other kinds of files into its Research folder (for holding and reference - although the larger your Research folder becomes, the longer it takes to back up a Scrivener project), and you can also import aliases. But I don’t think that you can import folders as folders, or pre-existing metadata, such as tags.

For those sorts of purposes, you’d be better to use a document manager or database application in conjunction with Scrivener, or rely on the Finder. Some of us use DevonThink for just this purpose when we’re writing in Scrivener; unlike Scrivener, DevonThink can import Finder Tags along with files, for example.