Importing Movie Magic

I have a question about the best way to import a file from Movie Magic to Scrivener.
So far it seems the best way is to save the file as a PDF and then import it into the Research section of a project.
The drawback there is that the file can’t be edited in Scrivener.
I wonder if there is an easy way to move back and forth from the two programs – editing in Scrivener, then moving over to Movie Magic and working there for awhile, then coming back to Scrivener, etc.
And if so, what the best method of saving and importing / exporting would be.
Thank you.

Scrivener is an outlining and drafting tool, while Final Draft and Movie Magic are advanced formatting and production applications. It’s best to begin in Scrivener, get a good draft together, and then compile and export to those special apps for final polishing.

I haven’t seem him around here for a while, but Lord Lightning is a bit of an expert on this, as he uses Movie Magic Screenwriter. I believe the best way is by using RTF import and export. The key is setting up the script settings (Text > Scriptwriting > Script Settings…) so that the formatting exactly matches the imported RTF file. (I thought Lord Lightning had posted a template for this somewhere, but I can’t find it at the moment.) If you look in the Help file under “Scriptwriting”, there’s a section on how to set up the script format to match an imported file - you’ll want to take a look at that.
Hope that helps.
All the best,