Importing my manuscript

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to discover this program!

I have a completed manuscript that I need to get into manuscript format. I think I get how to import (I’ll save the word doc. as FTP, and import), but I’m not sure whether to set things up as an Empty Project, or as Novel Standard Manuscript Format. I assume once I’ve imported, I then break my manuscript into separate chapters?

Thanks again for this program!! I wish I’d had it while I was writing the thing… next novel I guess!

I think you mean save it in RTF, Rich Text Format.
FTP = File Transfer Protocol, a way to move files around the Internet.
Open an Empty Project. (Novel template more helpful for next one.)
Then drag the whole file to the Draft folder.
Scroll to the bottom of the file.
Then scroll up to the last chapter break.
Type Cmd-K.
That splits off the last chapter.
Give that chunk a title label.
Scroll up to the next chapter break.
Repeat Cmd-K and title label.
Proceed all the way to the top chapter.
Welcome, and good luck.

Actually, I’d go the other way: start at the top of the file; scroll down to the first chapter break; type Cmd-K; give the new chunk a title label in Binder (Switch to binder Ctrl-Opt/Alt-Cmd-B); switch back to editor (Switch to editor Ctrl-Opt/Alt-Cmd-E); scroll down to first chapter break; … repeat …

But then, I don’t write novels so what do I know! :wink: *


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What about export to MMD, add the break mark, then import back to scriv? If I remember correctly that will automate the whole thing. Amber and a few other gods of MMD will need to comment on it. I don’t do things that way, so …

If you haven’t played with it yet, I suggest you import into the Novel template. It has some useful information in there, and you can tweak it to see what mods suit you.

EDIT: Actually, I suggest you import your original into the Research folder, then make a COPY to drag into the Draft folder to hack to bits.

Thanks for the help. I’m a member of a couple of musical instrument forums where they would have taken great delight in jumping all over my FTP/RTF gaffe.

My manuscript is now split into chapters in Draft as an Empty Project. Once I’ve finished messing around with them, I’ll go to Compile Draft… right? Is this where I’ll have the option to put it into Standard Manuscript Format? Will Novel Manuscript Format be an option at the Formatting pane of Compile Draft?

Again, thanks for the help! After all the hours I’ve spent fighting Word, I can’t quite believe this is so easy!


“Compile Draft” can do that, if you mean setting up the text size and spacing and all for manuscript format. It’s a customizable export to prep your work for printing, though you’ll need to add any header you need in another program, like MS Word.

What you do is go to the “Text Options” tab in “Compile Draft”, and look on the bottom left for a little button called “Load…”, which will let you load some text settings. Novel Standard Manuscript Format should be an option there.

Not on my Scriv, it’s not. :confused:
Keith do I need to load Novel Standard, and if so, where do I find it? I just get a blank screen in the pop-up window asking me to Choose.

it is an “extra”. And yes, you should. Where you find it I can’t remember.

I need to learn to sit on my fingers. :blush: I realized it had to be an extra right after I posted this, and went to my downloads folder and installed them. So they’re in there somewhere now. I’ll figure it out. Eventually. :blush: