Importing my novel from Ulysses.

Now that we’re days away from the Scrivener Ipad app, I want to import my novel back to scrivener. As I work both with my IMAC and the IPAD Pro. It’s a long novel divided into 3 parts, how can I do it painlessly?

What are the export options from Ulysses?

If you can convert the document to RTF, plain text, or Word, you’ll be pretty much set.


Also if you’ve been writing in Ulysses you’ve probably been using Markdown style headings. If you’d like to import into Scrivener in such a way that those headings form the backbone of the new outline in the binder, then export in text mode (with the Markdown option) from Ulysses, and import into Scrivener with the File/Import/MultiMarkdown File… menu command.