importing needs some polish

I just stumbled upon Scrivener a couple of days ago. I had been trying out Copywrite and Mori for a while and was about to settle on Mori (I love it’s simplicity and orgnanization). I’m now planning to go with Scrivener. It’s fantastic, but there’s one thing that’s kind of bothering me…

I want to be able to import files as easily as possible. No dialogues or anything. It would be great to be able to drag an image from Safari right onto the corkboard or into a folder.

Also, is there spell checking? I noticed the button for the toolbar, but when I click it, nothing happens.


Last thing first: spell-checking - yes there is. The toolbar button just toggles whether words get underlined when you make a spelling misake or not. This is the standard way such toolbar buttons work. Other spell-checking features are available through the Edit menu.

As for import… There is only one dialogue, and that is necessary because of the way Scrivener works. If you are dragging into the Draft folder, you need to know that any media files will be moved. If you are dragging text, you need to know that certain formatting can be lost. You may also want to choose how web files are formatted. In Ulysses and Copywrite, you can’t drag items in at all - you have to go through the menu. That said, I will ponder on this.

The binder is the equivalent of your ring-binder, so that is where you import things. Corkboard views and outliners are there for organising data within the application.

Thanks for the feedback - glad you (mostly) like what you see so far.

Yeah, I noticed the import dialogue gets a little tedious when doing a lot of importing. I would think that after the first few times, people will know about the formatting and organizing issues involved in importing. :slight_smile:


So I now I spend development time moving the options over to Preferences? Either way, Corkboard and Outliner are not accepting internal imports any time soon. At this rate, beta 2 will never be released and I’ll never get to use Scrivener myself. :frowning:

P.S. It’s late and it’s been a long day, so apologies for the grumpiness of this post!

For me, I don’t mind so much the dialogue, because I understand how it is needed. What I really want is there to be no dialogue when I drag a picture in, or a sound file. Also, it would be cool if I could drag images straight from Safari.

And if the dialogue is bothering peole, what about making it a setting in the preferences. I don’t know how reasonable that is but it’s an idea.

Oh, and I just assumed that you could drag images and things to the corkboard since they do show up there, but I’m not trying to frustrate you or anything. I’ll be purchasing Scrivener whether you take the suggestions or not. It’s still great.

Hi Brett,

Don’t worry, you’re not frustrating me. :slight_smile: It’s just late and it’s been a very busy week because the beta has only just been released. Anyway, right now I am incorporating your suggestion. From now on I have moved the web import options to Preferences (I just know that somebody will tell me that these options should be per-import, but hey). The dialogue will still appear with a warning about text formatting, but it will have a little checkbox in it saying “Do not show this warning again”. If you check that, the warning won’t appear again unless you set it to through the Preferences. This will be done for beta 2.

You can’t import images from Safari directly just because they don’t get put on the pasteboard as files… I may add some support for doing this in the future, but that will be post-1.0.

We’ll see about corkboard and outliner import…

All the best,