Importing Non-Supported files into the Binder

I mentioned this in the feedback section, but I decided that it should properly be in this section.

I am using Scrivener (in the main) to prepare supplements and other books for old style paper role-playing games and wargames. When doing this, I use a number of file types (eg OmniGraffle) which aren’t directly supported by OS X’s import filters, so Scrivener doesn’t want to import them into the research section.

What I’d really like to see is the ability to import such files, because sometimes I need to reference or amend them based on the work I’ve been doing. Also, it keeps the all the material together so I can have the whole of the project easily accessable.

I’m not proposing that Scrivener has more filters added - rather, I’d like to see the ability to launch the appropriate external editor from within the research section when I click on the file. It’s a feature that OmniOutliner has that I’d love to see in Scrivener.


I did toy with this idea when designing Scrivener 1.0; in fact, I even implemented it in a version that was never released for public testing. It never felt quite right though. Things got slow because the binder had to deal with any number of icons gleaned from the files themselves, for a start. There were several other (mainly technical) reasons for not going down this road, too, although I may reconsider in the future.

Omnigraffle lets you save as a PDF (a Preview PDF)

Then you can import. And it’s editable. You wont be able to use Omnigraffle within Scrivener, but your stuff will be there.

Yes, OG has a fair number of export formats, including EPS JPEG, PNG …

Sorry, pressed the Enter key by accident :blush:

But I think what the original poster was thinking of was somethink like LinkBack implementation. That’s absolutely great, and a pity it’s not more widely implemented. Copy a graphic in OmniGraffle or any other program that supports LinkBack export and paste it into the target app. Want to change it? Double-click the image in the target app (OO, for instance or NWE) and a separate version is opened in OG which you edit. When you save and close the window, the new version is there in your target app document.

Yeah, OG is great like that. Although after spending the weekend with Scrivener (that’s how new I am at it) I’m finding that it’s like being strapped in for a long 18-hour flight and I’m perfectly accepting of the 2-in meals and 4-in high drinks, and willing to take it. No distractions. Ulysses, of course, promises that, and so does Copywrite and JER, but Scrivener has captured me by forcing me to have all my research and pens in the bag under my seat with the promise that I will accomplish something in those 18 hours. 8)