importing old vs Files into 2.0

Stopped writing in April. Computer crashed. Have my save data on USB (thank gawd). Have the vs 2.0 on new computer, but it won’t let me import without updating the the USB stuff. No problem. But when I hit update, I get an error message and it suggests my HD is full. Well I have 10g available. So I am stuck. HELP! I don’t feel like retyping a 50K manuscript!

I’ve deleted the duplicate post you created in Feedback (please don’t cross-post - one is enough! :slight_smile: ).

It sounds as though you are trying to open the files on the USB stick - in which case, the space on the USB stick will count, not your HD space. Try copying the files to your hard drive before trying to update them.


Thanks Keith. Sorry about the dupe. I tried to delete it but couldn’t find the ‘Off’ button. I will try loading it to my HD. I downloaded the old version and they opened from my USB no problem and this isn’t the computer it was created on. Anyway, will try and come back to whine if doesn’t work.

The problem isn’t that the project can’t open from the USB stick, it’s that when 2.0 converts your old project, it first makes a backup of the original (because you can’t go backward from a 2.0 project to 1.x, so if you decided against upgrading or had other reason to need to access your project again in 1.54, you’d be very upset to find you’d overwritten it with the new version!). So you need to have room and permissions on the hard drive where the project is located so that Scrivener can tell the OS to duplicate the .scriv package before it updates. You’ll only have to do this the first time you update a project, and in the future you’ll be able to keep the (new) .scriv package on the USB stick and work as you did before.

Thanks. I loaded the old version project on the HD and it opened no problem. I kept renamed copies of the old version in case I have problems with 2.0, but it’s looking good. Thanks again for your help.

Glad you’re up and running!
All the best,