Importing Pages files with images

Hello, newbie here!

I have dozens of Mac Pages files with many images and tables. I understand that to get the text into Scrivener I have to export the files from Pages to .docx format. My question - is there an easy way to strip out the images etc automatically prior to export to .doxc or import of the .docx file into Scrivener?

You mention “and etc”; does that mean you don’t need the rest of the formatting? If so, then one approach would be to export as .txt from Pages, not .docx. The text would be imported into Scrivener using your default formatting settings—and so in most cases it would look nice without and adjustments.

Many thanks for your response and advice. You are correct I don’t need the formatting, images, tables etc I plan to add these back in later in a proper page layout program.

I tried exporting as .txt file, I can see the text in the file in Preview but it is missing when imported to Scrivener. I also tried export as a .rtfd file, this imported OK but did not strip out the images etc.

I’m sure there is a simple solution to this and I can’t be the only one with this problem. Will keep looking, thanks again.

There’s something wrong here. Preview won’t even open open text files, only image files including pdf. Somewhere between Word and Scrivener something is going ascrew vis a vis the format of the file.

Will Word allow you to Save As rtf (not rtfd) and strip out the images?

Hmm, yeah ScriverTid makes a good point, plain-text files shouldn’t be opening in Preview. Just to make sure we’re on the same page, from Pages:

  1. Use the File/Export To/Plain Text… menu command.
  2. Click the Next button.
  3. Choose a “filename.txt”.
  4. Drop the “filename.txt” into a Scrivener project binder.

Well—another approach avoids the use of files. Most Mac software has a special paste command which can be used to take anything on your clipboard and strip all formatting out of it—to basically treat it as plain-text. So try this:

  1. From Pages, select all of the text and copy it.
  2. Switch to Scrivener and create an empty document in your binder.
  3. Click into the editor if necessary, and use the Edit/Paste and Match Style menu command (Shift-Opt-Cmd-V).

Apologies I wasn’t using preview I should have said I can see the text in the .txt file using the Mac quick view feature i.e. Highlight file and hit the space bar.

Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll give them a try when I’m at my computer tomorrow and report back.


I tried the export a .txt file and import to Scrivener again, another fail I’m afraid. The file appears in Scrivener but is completely empty except for 3 strange characters at the top, the file seems to run for several screens worth but its all empty.

I then tried the copy text in Pages and paste/match style in Scrivener. Sucess, this enabled the import of my text.

I don’t suppose it makes any difference but I’m using Pages 09 v4.0 (hate the new Pages), would love to get to the bottom of this!

In the meantime, thank you very much for your help, I can now make a real start in Scrivner.

Great - good to know there’s been a successful outcome.

Ditto. I suppose Pages 5 will eventually catch up but I won’t even use it. v4 is a great program.

Thanks for your input ScriverTid. I’m afraid I have outgrown Pages 09 v4 the books I write in it are pushing it breaking point (300+ pages) plus I need automation for several TOCs, different section headers and footers, separate chapter page numbering etc. This foray with Scrivener is a first step in developing the writing there and import to a page layout program. I definitely wont be using Adobe (robbers), great software, too greedy a company. Anyway I digress, moving on now, thanks again for your help.