Importing PDFs from Dropbox into Schrivener

Is there any way to import PDFs directly from a Dropbox account into Scrivener? I can’t figure out how. My workaround right now is downloading the PDFs to my hard drive and then importing to Scrivener but wondering if there is an easier way.
I’ll add that these files are starting out on my phone (they are images of documents I’m taking pictures of). If there is another/faster/easier way to get them from my iPhone to the Scrivener program on my PC, I’d love that too!

Do you want the PDF itself, or a link to it?

If you want the PDF itself, it needs to be in a location that Scrivener can access. If you have iOS Scrivener, you can import directly into a project on your iPhone. If not, you’ll need to get the file to a location that’s accessible from Windows Scrivener, which probably means downloading to your local drive.

If you just need a link, then you can copy one from the Dropbox web interface and put it wherever needed.