Importing PDFs from Papers (the program)

Does anyone know how I can import PDF files from Papers? I tried drag and drop and only the headings are imported as drafts. Thanks.

“… only the headings are imported as drafts.”

I haven’t used Papers, and I may be misunderstanding you, but are you by any chance trying to drag and drop the PDFs into the Draft area of the Binder, rather than the Research area?


Could be the cuplrit. PDFs can only be stored in the RESEARCH folder if Im not mistaken…

thanks all. i did drag it to the research folder and it would not import.

Try opening the PDF in PREVIEW then do a SAVE AS and rename it and save it in PDF format from PREVIEW. That may fix your problem

(If you have Adobe Acrobat Professional use it instead of preview)

It may be that Papers doesn’t put the actual file location of the PDF file on the pasteboard, but only its title as a text string. Scrivener will only be able to import it by dragging if the drag tells Scrivener where the actual file is. Try dragging a PDF file from Papers to the Finder - does the PDF get copied to the Finder okay? If so, it should go into Scrivener okay; if not, it won’t, and you’ll need to save the PDF out of Papers first.


Thanks, Keith and others. Yes, you’re right. Papers stores PDFs in the Document folder and dragging a PDF file from the program’s main window to the Finder only shows a string of clipped text.