Importing photo into Document Notes/HUD

Hi All

Don’t know if this bug has been reported as I haven’t checked in on the forum over the past few days, but here is what I have found:

While looking at the features available to Scrivener 2 users on the Mac I happened upon an intrigueing screen grab of full screen mode. What attracted me was the writer had imported a photo that he/she wanted to refer to into a QuickReference panel. While this is a Scrivener 2 feature, I wondered whether something similar might be replicable in Scrivener for Windows by importing an image into the Document Notes panel of the Inspector and then opening the Inspector in full screen mode.

I tried to import an image into the document notes and immediately Scrivener froze with the Windows hourglass icon turning over repeatedly. Just when I thought Scrivener would crash, the image was sucessfully imported and Scrivener seemed to be working once again. The image had not resized to fit the Documents Notes panel however (not sure if it is meant to or not) and I guessed that it would thus not be very helpful as I would have to scroll down and across to view it.

I opened up full screen mode and opened the Inspector. For reasons discussed above (e.g. the photo had not resized to fit the document note panel) I decided that it wasn’t going to be of help and closed the Inspector. Then I keyed F11 to exit full screen mode. Then I placed my mouse over the photo in the Document Notes panel, pressed the right mouse key and clicked on “undo”. This Scrivener seemed to accomplish with no problem and the photo was removed.

I closed Scrivener down. Scrivener appeared to close as expected but then a panel came up saying that Scrivener was not responding and would have to close. In other words Scrivener crashed while in the process of closing down.

Hope this all helps