Importing Preferences

Sorry if this is written down somewhere, but I can’t find it.

I’ve just got a new computer and have installed Scrivener on it. I share my projects through Dropbox, no problem there, but I’d like to be able to import my preferences from my old machine, especially the autocorrects and word substitutions, if at all possible. Does anyone know if it is, and if so, how I’d go about doing it?


I just did this.
You need to save your settings on the old machine and copy over the files.

General preferences:
Tools > Options > Manage > Save settings

Keyboard preferences:
Tools > Options > Keyboard > Export

Screenwriting formats:
Format > Screenwriting > Manage > Save for use with other projects

Autocorrects and word substitutions:
Sorry, I don’t use these - maybe someone else will chip in.

Maybe there are some other bits too.

When you’ve got the settings files, import/load them with the options in the same menu locations.

If you want to carry over your layouts, templates etc, see the help here.

Some potential pitfalls:

  • once you have imported the preferences, make sure to check the file locations for saves and Scratchpad files (your new machine might not have the same file structure)
  • before opening your old files, make sure the fonts you were using are properly installed on the new machine
  • remember that any references in your project to files on your old computer may now be wrong

My most important advice: test out your new install on a back-up of your Scriv folder, and look around it thoroughly to make sure everything is the way you want it, before resuming work on your project.