Importing Quicktimes as a link only?

As a documentary producer / editor type person, I want to dump a whole bunch of quicktime files in to my reference folder…but if possible, not make my Scrivener files enormous by copying the entire quicktime files, which are frequently hundreds of megs if not several gigs (LOTS of footage, already at low res).

could scrivener be given an option-drag switch such that the file path was imported, but the file not duplicated?

Please? Pretty please?

Thanks for an enormously useful tool. We used Scrivener to write this film:

I’m really looking forward to 1.5!


Take a look in the inspector; there is a references list down at the bottom. You can switch between notes, keywords and references in that space; notes and references can be switched between document specific and project-wide.

Drag your movies into the project-wide references and they’ll always be there in the inspector without bulking up your scrivener project.

If the movies are specific to a single document, of course, you would put them in the document references section instead.

Hope this helps!