Importing RTF docs with footnotes

It would be useful for me if imported RTF docs could preserve their footnotes, whether in Scrivener form, or their original form (even if readable only). For example, I would like to import other essays that I have written on a topic into the “Researchâ€


a solution as you wrote here is of course the most desirable since it does not need any steps inbetween. Still, if you only need the files as sources of information, you could print them out as PDF in your original application and import the PDF.

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Thanks for making the suggestion so promptly. It’s a bit of both, reallly. For information, but also to highlight, drag out bits to re-use and so on, and I may well want to re-use a note. A link is probably the best solution for now.

Michael N


I would really love to support the importing of footnotes but it is very complicated, I’m afraid. Even the exporting of footnotes isn’t supported by the Apple text system, so I have had to hack into the text system to provide that support. I have control over what goes out as I can insert the various necessary RTF tags into the RTF stream upon export. However, importing is much more tricky. There is no set order to RTF tags, and they can have any number of other RTF tags between them. I would basically have to write my own RTF parser to support this, which is why it is out of the question for the foreseeable future - sorry.

I do however recommend that you go to and file an enhancement request asking for footnote support to the Apple text system (you can file the enhancement request under TextEdit or, better still, under Mac OS X). The more people who ask, the more chance there is of getting it added to the text system. :frowning:

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Thanks, Keith, I really appreciate the effort you put in to making it possible to write footnotes in Scriv and exporting them in RTF, not to mention comments as well. I’ll put in the request to Apple.
best, MichaelN