Importing RTF into Scrivener 2


I recently had trouble importing an RTF file (generated from a docx file by Microsoft Word 12.2.4 Mac) into Scrivener 2.

The imported file had significant text differences compared to the original (as viewed in Word) and a greater word count. After a bit of detective work, I realised that Scrivener was also importing hidden text revisions within the RTF file and making them visible.

My workaround, if this is a Scrivener Bug, is to “Finalise” and accept any tracked changes in the Word doc before saving it as an RTF file. This eliminates the hidden changes and significantly smoothes the import into Scrivener 2.

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This isn’t a bug as such, it’s just down to the fact that Scrivener doesn’t support track changes. You’ll find the same if you open the RTF file in TextEdit - Scrivener’s RTF importer is built on top of the standard OS X RTF importer which TextEdit uses. Your workaround is definitely the best way of dealing with this.

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