Importing scripts from Movie Magic Screenwriter 6

When importing scripts, Scrivener 2.0 needs indents set to 0 inches to identify elements correctly, but in Movie Magic Screenwriter, most templates indent elements like Scene Headers and Actions to 1.5 inches. The file will land in Scrivener, but elements and consequently splits won’t be correctly identified.

The attached Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 template can be used as a workaround. It sets the indents to 0 inch for Scene Headers, Action, etc. and shifts Character and Dialogue elements left a bit.

To use it:

Download the template and save it to the MMS templates folder (probably Documents/Movie Magic Screenwriter/Templates/Blank Templates). This will ensure it appears in the file browsing dialogue with the other templates.


  • Open your script
  • In the Format menu, choose Load Styles From…>Template… and pick Scrivener Script from the file browser. This will change the elements to Scrivener-friendly formats
  • MMS will offer you options about what you want to keep. Leave the defaults as they are (MMS also has other outlining elements like Act Headers, Sequences, notes, etc. which aren’t part of standard screenplay format. The template sets the obvious ones to an indent of 0 inches so they’ll appear as individual documents. However since there’s no standard formatting for these and you can make up your own, you’ll need to check for errant outlining elements once the script is in Scrivener)
  • Choose File>Export To…>Plain Text and save to where-ever
  • In the Format menu, choose Load Styles From…>Template… and pick whichever template you were using before. If you’re not sure which this is, it’s probably default. This will change the elements back to your original settings.

In Scrivener:

  • Select the binder folder where you want the script to end up. If you’re planning to split it by scene, you’ll probably want to create a new folder for it.
  • Choose File>Import>Plain Text Formatted Screenplay and navigate to the file you exported from MMS. Check the ‘Split Into Scenes’ box if you want to split into scenes.
  • Scrivener will import the script with each scene as a separate document into the folder you selected.

Download the MMS template

The link to the download is broken, what’s up?

Dunno. Try this.
MMS (3.28 KB)

Thank you!!