Importing SG Projects

So, I’ve been holding back on using S1 because I have todo lists in a few of my projects, and didn’t want to risk the corruption that was mentioned.

I finally backed up what I was doing and tried importing things anyway, and it Just Worked. Splendid.

The todo list has been translated into a TODO document in the root of the Draft folder. That’s fine. I actually want to transfer those todos into Hiveminder todos anyway, so this is easier to convert (copy the text into vim and add categories on each line, into the brain dump box… anyway, I digress).

I did want to ask about default file formats, though: are these meant to be imported? Are they even stored in the project, or are they an application preference?

Anyway, S1 is very slick already Keith - congratulations on a brilliant bit of development.

If you have imported your project from SG to S beta 1, you may need to delete and recreate all of your labels and the status list in Project Settings, because of a minor bug that could very well cause problems later down the line - this is fixed for beta 2 which is (hopefully) not very far away.

I’m not sure what you mean about default file formats. Do you mean the font/paragraph formatting of newly created files? This is a preference, so because the preferences identifier has changed (from com.kayembi.scrivener to com.literatureandlatte.scrivener) all preferences like this are lost. If that isn’t what you mean, let me know.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s working well for you at the moment - thanks for the feedback!

All the best,

That’s fine - I haven’t used labels and status much thus far, so with any luck there won’t be anything to worry about there.

That is what I mean. Glad to know what’s happened.