Importing tables

Not a new topic of course but this does not work for me.
Using latest version of Scrivener on Win 7.

This list was imported into a Word table for starters and saved as RTF file as well as DOCX with the same result.
Have done the Tools>Options>Converter thing in Scrivener.
The table is merely a large word list in 6 columns but imports as one long column in scrivener.

I have few problems with Scrivener but can’t get a handle on this.
Any ideas?



Have you tried Copy&Paste instead of importing?

This post might be useful.

Yes, I tried the copy and paste thing but no cigar.

Oddly, regardless of what method I use or what format the result is the same one column.
I do not have the original word list at hand so cannot work at getting it copied into Scrivener.
Not sure how to import a list into Scrivener.

Sorely miss the original WordPerfect program.

Well, finally jury rigged the thing to at least get the data into Scrivener.

I found the list and copy/pasted directly into a clean Word page then copy/pasted into Scrivener.
The result was a table of sorts but more a columned page. At least it is useable until I find how to do it correctly.

I feel the problem is the list is from the web and who knows what scheme they dreamed up to short circuit things.

For now I will listen to Mom, drink lots of fluids, stay warm and study up some more on tables in Scrivener.

Thanks for the help