Importing tablet from binder into new project


I wanted to ask if anyone knows how to import a part of the binder into a new project. What I mean is that I would like to import the templates for characters, plot, etc into a new project without having to manually create them each time I start a new project. Is this possible?

Sure. First of all:

a) open the new project while you have the old one open and just drag the relevant folders into its binder.

You can stop there if you like, but it’s better to create your own template, so you won’t have to do step a) again. So

b) get the new project exactly as you’d like it (i.e. folders, character templates etc are all as you want them to be, but with no creative content. Make sure you identify the character folders as template holders by selecting them in the binder and choosing Project > Set Selection as Template Folder) and then choose File > Save As Template and fill in the dialogue box with a suitable name. Choose a category – e.g. Fiction, Non-Fiction, add a custom icon if you wish, press OK. Next time you create a new project, you’ll be able to choose this as the template, complete with your customised character templates and so on.


Thanks a million for that! This helps me out a lot! :slight_smile: