Importing Templates

I’m using the Windows beta on WinXPro x64.

I downloaded a lot of Scrivener Templates and went to install them. Now these templates came in two flavours. “.scrivtemplate” and “projecttemplate.scriv” inside “.zip” archives.

Most “.scrivtemplates” files installed okay, using the New Project screen and selecting Import template. A few didn’t install or installed incorrectly. For the project templates as working projects inside a “.zip” archive, I unzipped them, and opened them in Scrivener, through New Project Browse to open a project. Then once it opened properly, I saved as a Template, a “.scrivtemplate” file. Renaming and placing in appropriate Sections. Closed out all Projects.

A few along the way messed up. In a couple of ways.

The first, in an attempt to install at least 3 or 4 project.scriv files (Older Scrivener formatting), attempted to “Update” after clicking yes. I watched the Percentage Progress Bar as it did so. It moved forward steadily until it was 75% done, then jumped back to the 50% range, then steadily went to 100% where Scrivener then opened the file. However, the documents being displayed were strangely placed duplicates of the Draft folder, Manuscript and a Draft etc.

The other error I got was when trying to install “.scrivtemplates”, I received an error, along the lines or "Error Line 1, Rule something.
edit: I’ll try following the suggestions by MimeticMouton and SpringfieldMH, found viewtopic.php?f=30&t=33059&p=207464&hilit=error+line+1#p207464 .

I somewhat am left with the impression, these templates I am trying to install are too old now, or mac specific in someway. That last doesn’t resonate with me much though since I know there’s isn’t much difference between Mac or Win created projects and are usually interchangable.

Is there a way to install Scrivener 1.8.0 (or higher, which ever can natively use the older format) and 1.9.0 along side each other, in entirely different folders? That way I can import then open the older template files “.scrivtemplate” and “project.scriv” with “project.scrivx” inside, in 1.8.0, then save them as both a working example “project.scriv” folder and as a ".scrivtemplate files with proper\personal preference, category placement to then be later imported into the 1.9.0 or beta incarnation.