Importing text files not working

I use iA Writer on my iPad, which saves files in standard text format. Writer says to import their files using the UTF 8 or 16 protocols (correct term?). I have it set up to save them in a Dropbox folder.

When I try to import them into Scrivener, I get the file name but no text. I’ve tried importing via the System (Recommended), UTF 8, UTF 16, and two other UTF 16 options. Nothing works. I have to open the file with Notepad, select all the text, then paste into the Scrivener file. Importing text files worked before, in an older version of Scriveners for Windows.

Any ideas?

Never mind. :smiley:

You have to click on another folder or text file, then come back to the imported one. The text appears then. That’s a little odd, though.

Thanks for bringing this up; that is definitely not how it should be working. I’ll file this for the developer to investigate. Meanwhile, if you’ve been using File > Import, try just dragging the files from Windows Explorer and dropping them into the binder. That seemed to work better in my testing, because it doesn’t immediately switch the view to that new document–so the text all appears correctly the first time you load the file. Might be a bit less disconcerting. :slight_smile:

Also, unless you have other plain-text you’re importing that you want imported using a different method, try going into the Import/Export tab of Tools > Options and setting the default for plain-text encoding to UTF-8. That also provides better results, showing the document text immediately on import.