importing text into script

I exported some scripts from another app. The export format is text mode. When I try and import into Scrivener they maintain their format as far as tabs and spaces etc.,however I would like to convert them to use the scrivener script formats. Is there a quick way to do this? Right now I am stuck changing the format line by line. Thanks.


There is no quick way to do this, no, as Scrivener won’t recognise the elements of the imported script so it won’t know what to convert them to.

You could create your own script format to match the imported scripts rather than change the formatting of the imported scripts. At the moment you have to do this by setting up all of the formatting info in the script settings to match the formatting of each script element, and it’s a bit fiddly. However, I have just finished adding a minor new feature whereby you can click in a paragraph and then select “Use current font & paragraph settings” from the “Manage…” pop-up button in the Script Settings panel, and this will set the element selected in Script Settings to match the formatting of the selected text in the editor. In other words, you can easily alter the script setting to match what you have imported. This will be available in 1.11, which I’m hoping to upload over the weekend.