Importing thesis (images, captions, crossrefs...) from Word

I need a little help (or reassurance) here:
I originally set out drafting my thesis in Scrivener. However, I had some issues with Bookends and Word that just made a quick compile for draft submissions to supervisors too nerve-wrecking. So, grudgingly, I reverted (regressed?) to Word and now have four chapters in a Word draft. They have quite a lot of screen shots (with captions and cross-referenced in the text) and other images, all at the end of each chapter. Now, I’ve been so p*** o** with Word that I did Chapter 5 in Scrivener, leaving out all the images and just adding comments about where they are supposed to go.
So far so good. Now, just because I am entering that editing and tweaking stage, I really really really want to do that in Scrivener. That means that I have to import the Word-file into Scrivener. I am just really apprehensive about what is going to happen with the images, captions, crossrefs… and actually I don’t really want all the actual images in the text, I suppose linking to the files on my hard drive would do just fine…
Can anyone suggest a best practice for importing a loooong (400 pages) document with headings, subheadings, loads of footnotes etc.? I don’t know, to be honest, I am scared right now :blush:

With many thanks!!!

Ok… I think that went wrong:
I opened a new blank project and dragged the draft into the binder. I think I crashed Scrivener… The spinning wheel spins, the bar in the “Import” window has been fully loaded for about 10 minutes and nothing is happening… help?!?

Alright… immediate danger over! I went for a coffee and a walk and when I came back the draft had been imported. It does, however, provoke the spinning wheel, so I think the images are too much. If I link to images and then compile, will the links work in Word as well?